Monday, 21 February 2011

Migration techniques

Just a quick note on migrations. I am currently performing migration for a client from 1 domain to another. Now due to certain security issues, I couldn't have access to the source database/ SharePoint installation. The only details that were provided were the SharePoint version including service pack number as well as the database backups for each web application.

On attempting to use the STSADM tool to backup and restore, I had version mismatch errors. Unfortunately, there was not more details for me regarding version numbers. Therefore the only way to restore the sites, was to create blank site collections and then to delete/ re-attach the content databases.

I came across a problem. After restoring a single site collection once. I couldn't restore this site collection again for testing purposes - even on a different web application. This is because the GUID that is stored in the config database is unique to the site collection. Detaching and Re-attaching the content database does not give any site collections new GUIDS - hence you can only have one instance of them in a farm.

If you use the STSADM tool, when you use the command -restore, a new ID is generated for each site collection and hence you can use the same site collection as many times as you want.

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